Spend 2018 with the Improv Embassy!

Love improv and want to get more involved in our community? We’re looking for you!

The Improv Embassy is a registered non-profit, founded and run by volunteers, dedicated to supporting, growing and building the improv and sketch comedy community in Ottawa.

Below are a few of the roles we’re looking for help with. Commitments range from a few hours a month to a few hours a week, and we’ll happily work with your schedule. In return, you’ll get access to free shows, class discounts, learn new skills and be a vital part of the improv community.

Fill out the form below and feel free to send us questions any time.


Community leader
Role: Be the glue that helps our vibrant, creative and diverse community stick together.
Tasks: Plan and execute events/parties/initiatives to inspire and engage our community.
Special note: If you have experience with inclusion and/or accessibility initiatives, we would love to work with you.

Role: Work with Embassy to generate show ideas and execute them. Earn a percentage of the show’s revenue.
Tasks: Anything from booking performers to scheduling shows to making them run smoothly night-of.

Photographer/social media artist
Role: Help us reach new audiences and delight our current ones.
Tasks: Create and post social media content.

Role: Give shows that extra polish to engage audiences and support our performers.
Tasks: Control lights and sound for shows.

Box office
Role: Be the first person audience members meet as they come through our doors.
Tasks: Take and sell tickets for events at the door.

Role: The public face of our shows and the safe hands that guide our audiences along.
Tasks: Working with producers, host shows and do some prep work ahead of time.