House Team Auditions!

The summer is here and we’re gearing up for some exciting updates for the fall!

For members of the community looking for more opportunities to perform the kind of longform improv we teach at the Embassy, we are auditioning on August 11 for House Teams.

We are looking for the cream of the crop, and assembling teams for Armando, Harold, and one for our Fembassy shows (the last one open to women and non-binary players, who would also perform on House Team night). These teams will get monthly performances from September to January (when we will reaudition for new players), with the possibility of other performance opportunities.

And as usual, we will be doing our auditions for Fall Student and Incubator teams, on August 28 and 29.

To register for a House Team audition, more info about our requirements here:
For Student or Incubator auditions:

Any questions? Write to!