The 2020 Ottawa Improv Festival is almost here!

We are so excited to unveil the lineup of the 2020 Ottawa Improv Festival, the most fun weekend all year. The festival runs Feb. 27 to 29 at Arts Court and features acts from all over: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Guelph, Sarasota and Boston!

The four headlining groups are real favourites of ours: Kinsey Fail (from Toronto) are a stellar cast of queer improvisers; Colour Outside The Lines (from Montreal) use stories of family and community to inspire hilarious scenes; Big Bang (from Boston, Chicago and Sarasota) are an amazing ensemble that tours internationally; and S&P (from Toronto) are, well, probably the funniest improv group you’ll ever see.

(All headlining acts will teach workshops while they’re here.)

Rounding out the festival are local sweethearts (like the Embassy house teams, Quest Friends Forever and Outtake), fantastic acts from other cities and Catch23, a long-running competitive improv show that will pit teams from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

So go get your tickets while you still can — like the last four years, we expect this year’s fest to totally sell out.